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Old Believers

We are happy to present the series of artworks for Desert Punk universe created by our team.
The oceans have exposed much of their bottom area, flooding what used to be dry land. Almost all cities are gone under water, leaving behind dilapidated high-rise buildings as a reminder of the former civilization. The cataclysm has cast the remnants of the human race to the bottom of a dried-up ocean. There, in the wastelands, among the debris and the remains of ships, people have been fighting for survival for more than a decade. And the battle for survival is going on not only with their own kind.
The ocean has always been considered the cradle of life. Waters protected people from species of gigantic arthropod creatures. Changes in the environment are to the taste of these creatures, as well as tender human flesh…

Old Believers Faction
A community of people who managed to preserve their way of life, social order and knowledge. The city is built around a giant oil platform. Old Believers clean the soil from salt, build greenhouses to grow basic products for human consumption. They use compressed air and steam technologies in mechanisms and transport.